An Intuitive Approach to an Intuitive Technology

From Microsoft Office to Google Suite, many of the big players in software and business are moving stand-alone programs to the cloud, allowing customers to access their products straight from their browsers. Much like Amazon Web Services and Frame, Datamark Live allows businesses to convert their software to the cloud, but at a much more affordable and clear-cut price. Applying a different type of cloud technology than Amazon and Frame, Datamark Live runs applications on a single, dedicated server so that information may be reliably saved and not lost between sessions. Our simpler technology also allows for an easy integration of your stand-alone programs into the cloud, with help available as you need it. Learn more...

An Affordable, Up-Front Rate

While most providers of cloud computing technology have adopted “pay by the hour” policies, which can lead to unexpectedly high surcharges, Datamark Live offers a clear cut by-user, per-month pricing model with no hidden costs or fees at a competitive rate. Contact us for a quote specialized to your business needs.
We deal directly with all of our clients. To learn more or hear about pricing, hit 'Get Quote' and send us a quick message, or just give us a call...
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