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Moving Windows Programs to the Cloud

Any program running on a Windows computer can now be offered to customers and colleagues world-wide, right in their web browsers! Live streamed Windows programs are one of the most exciting recent advances in Internet development. Migrating software to the Internet used to be a herculean task requiring hundreds of hours of programming, but today we can install your software on a cloud server and simply run it in a web browser. The video below spotlights three different mission-critical business applications we moved from local computers to the World Wide Web for our customers.

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Understanding the Technology

Live streaming applications are run on a Windows server in the cloud. Users log on to a Remote Desktop session through their web browser. One of the best features of this technology is that users don't even need a copy of Windows. They can run your program in any HTML5 capable browser - including the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, and many others - on a variety of devices such as PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, or Tablets.

Discovering Your Options

Two of the large, self-service providers of this technology are Amazon Web Services and Frame. Both companies offer a similar approach to streaming applications over the internet - each user runs their copy of the program on a separate, virtual cloud server.  Multiple instances of these servers are spun up and down depending on demand. More users logging into your program results in more servers running online.  These companies charge you for the service based on both your total number of users and the total amount of computer time used by all of the servers running your program.  Your cost with the big guys may vary widely from month to month depending on both how many users are connected and how long they stay connected. Furthermore, setting it all up can be complicated as well as costly.

A Better Approach

In contrast, we install your application on a single dedicated server with simple pricing based on server size plus the total number of authorized users. No need to worry about server instances or minutes of usage. Another big advantage to our approach is that users can save data in your program and their data remains on the server between sessions. That doesn't happen with the AWS or Frame platforms.

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