— Your Windows Desktop in the Cloud!

Affordable Pricing

Many cloud hosting providers have “pay by the minute” and overage policies, which can lead to unexpectedly high surcharges. With Datamark Live you get clear-cut pricing with no hidden costs or fees. Your monthly cost is based on how many users you have and how much server you need.

Most Applications Run Less Than $15/month Per User

including all Server and Backup costs

$11 per user, or
$16.5 per user with Duo Multifactor Authentication


We take care of all the setup and licensing complexities necessary for multiple users to run your Windows applications online and provide you with a simple monthly cost of $11 per user. Customers with the highest security requirements, such as those subject to HIPAA or PCI regulations, can also add Duo multi-factor authentication to their user accounts for an additional $5.50 per user.


Our virtual cloud servers run on the some of the most powerful hardware available and are easy to customize. The component of your server include:

Disk Space
CPU Cores
$1.10 per GB of super fast SSD storage, or
$22 per Intel® Xeon ® Gold logical processor
$22 per GB of high performance RAM
$1.35 per GB with BitLocker Resting Encryption (recommended for HIPAA or PCI compliance)
Daily Backups
Offsite Copies
$30 for 1 day retention
Add $115 to your backup plan for Encrypted offsite copies of all backups
$60 for 7 day retention
$85 for 30 day retention


Never worry about losing data again with our automatic nightly backups. We offer three levels of backup retention: 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days. We also offer offsite encrypted backups for customers requiring HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Additional Products & Services

We offer a full range of products and services to our customers. Whether you need custom programming services, SQL Server Web Edition licensing, Microsoft Office 365 shared activation support, a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, or even want to be named as an “additional insured” on our $1,000,000 Technology Errors and Omissions policy – we work with you to provide the best service and prices available.

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