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Secure and Safe

There’s nothing more important than security when it comes to your business. We're experts on data security with over 20 years of experience. Datamark Live offers extensive security options, including resting encryption and multifactor authentication.

Good Security Improves Performance

Many cloud vendors today offer virtual servers, and some even offer web streaming services. But today’s internet is much like the wild west of old, with lots of potential pitfalls for the unsuspecting cloud service provider. Here’s an experiment you can try on your own: spin up a new cloud server with nearly any hosting company (Rackspace, AWS, Azure, etc) and check the Windows security logs. If your server has a public IP address then you will almost certainly see thousands of brute force login attempts occur within the first few hours of operation. We’ve seen cloud servers with other providers spending 25% or more of their CPU resources just working on fending off attacks.

Datamark Live is Built for Security

By contrast, our system is built from the ground up to provide you and your users with a safe and secure environment. Your server is hosted behind an enterprise level corporate firewall which allows only traffic from authorized sources. It’s integrated into an Active Directory network in order to incorporate the best corporate level Windows security policies and provide you with remote desktop access through our secure HTTPS encrypted gateway. Our RDS and web streaming servers have full Windows Bitlocker secured operating systems with resting encryption. We utilize Cloudflare threat mitigation for your secure custom application login page. Additionally, we have the option to add your company to our million-dollar insurance policy against any intrusion of our security systems.

HIPAA and PCI Compliance

You may not be hosting protected health of financial information for your customers, but shouldn’t you choose a cloud vendor with the ability to meet and exceed the US government regulations for data security in these areas? Our standard security starts where most other cloud providers fall short, and we offer clear cut pricing and options for companies who want the best and most secure systems for their applications.

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