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“As a small business owner with limited resources it’s a huge benefit to know Mark and his team are there to help with any problems that come up. I know my customers are in good hands and will get a fast response and expert help.” Patricia Jennings Owner, Moving Pros Network
“Datamark Systems is the best company you can find to host your cloud services and support your business. Client support is excellent. Someone is always available to help you. They also provide great custom programming. All at a very low price compared to other platforms. We have been using them for over 15 years and are completely satisfied with the services they provide.” Robert Anton President, Accardis Systems, Inc.
“We could not be happier with our decision to switch to Datamark Live for our cloud hosting needs. I was very impressed by how well the transition went and I give Mark and his team all of the credit for that. The ability to rapidly scale and spin up new servers have given us the confidence that Datamark will be able to support us every step of the way. Mark and his team have consistently executed on complicated and custom solutions unlike any company I have experienced. Above all we trust our data with this company and I would recommend them to any company.” Daniel Lombardozzi President, Signature Company
“Datamark has been providing us fast, professional service for several years. Most recently we moved our software from our own server to their cloud server and could not be more pleased. A benefit we had not expected was the speed of their cloud server. Our software runs several times faster than It used to, on our in house server. I have and will continue to recommend Datamark to anyone needing expert assistance.” Mark Rudes Owner, Beyer Lightening Fish
“Datamark Systems has helped our organization for over a decade with customs solutions. Their expertise and ability to offer these custom solutions have greatly assisted us with being able to enhance and maintain our efficiency and workflow. In these days of working remotely, the power, flexibility and cost of Datamark's cloud platform services have ensured all employees can work effectively from any location.” Billie-Jo Pearl Masters of Foxhounds Association
“Datamark knocked it out of the park for CAP Software when we needed a hosting partner to help us provide an innovative Windows cloud access solution for our customers. Their expertise and custom development capability allowed us to quickly and easily produce a new product offering that has truly been a game changer for CAP and our merchants.” Will Atkinson CAP | Software
“I have been working with Datamark for the past year and am thankful I found them and have been very happy with the services provided. They are great to work with, whether it’s a big project or even just a 30 minute phone call/web meet to pick their brains about an issue I am struggling through. They have a broad range of experience and have saved the day for me on numerous occasions. Highly recommended!” Matt Lester Sales & Operations Planning Director Southern Staircase / Artistic Stairs
“Datamark is an integral part of SwiftComply's service offerings. The service and support Mark and his team offer, no other cloud provider comes close, or is more affordable.” Brian Clapper VP of Engineering, SwiftComply
“If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, Datamark is the way to go! Their support is incredible, often replying to requests within minutes- not hours or days. The best part is our team can work from literally anywhere in the world without a hitch.” David Horowitz Owner, S&D Furniture
“Datamark has been responsive in meeting our business needs, their work is accurate and they are able to customize solutions that support our business. In addition, the Datamark cloud platform has provided our workplace with reliable and secure service. The speed of the cloud platform is superb, secure, and is reasonably priced in comparison to other cloud services.” Barbara G. Haley Alabama Administrators
“I am most impressed by their customer service. They are ready, willing and able make the system work for YOU! Datamark is not just a cookie cutter app. They will customize to your needs. You are in good hands with Datamark!” Dan Perrine CEO, SpeedySoft USA, Inc

An Intuitive Approach to an Intuitive Technology

From Microsoft Office to Google Suite, many of the big players in software and business are moving stand-alone programs to the cloud, allowing customers to access their products straight from their browsers. However, not many companies have the resources to rewrite their business applications from the ground up in order to migrate them to the internet – which is why our web streaming service provides a great alternative.

Moving Windows Programs to the Cloud

Any program running on a Windows computer can now be offered to customers and colleagues world-wide, right in their web browsers! Live streamed Windows programs are one of the most exciting recent advances in Internet development. Migrating software to the Internet used to be a herculean task requiring hundreds of hours of programming, but today we can install your software on a cloud server and simply run it in a web browser. The video below spotlights three different mission-critical business applications we moved from local computers to the Cloud for our customers.

Invest in Your Success

Companies such as Amazon Web Services and Fra.me offer do-it-yourself web streaming platforms, but their method of hosting every user on a different server instance is expensive and complex. By contrast, Datamark Live allows businesses to convert their software to the cloud using a time-tested Remote Desktop Server approach. We run your applications on a single, dedicated server so that information is reliably saved and not lost between sessions. Our simpler technology allows for easy integration of your stand-alone programs into the cloud, with help available at every step of the way as you need it.

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